Style: Soulful pop/rock; compare to Salvador, Superchick

Top tracks: "I Want to Thank You," "Love You More," "Everlasting Light"

With members from the Midwest, New York City, and France, Sacred Road is far from the typical band that met in a Nashville coffee shop. That diversity is apparent throughout this self-titled debut, which is purebred pop at face value, but includes plenty of jazz, funk, soul, and rock flourishes.

Another distinction is the group's split between two lead vocalists, including the rock-tipped soulfulness of Samantha Herbert and the easygoing porch-pop stylings of David Olson; they trade leads and harmonies throughout. When coupled with an unpredictable rhythm section, the sound can mirror the Latin-infused grooves of Salvador one minute or the surging worshipful stylings of Leeland the next.

Lyrically, the group mirrors Superchick on issues of self-worth, but more mature instrumentation tends toward an older audience—likely college age or above. Whatever the demographic, Sacred Road seamlessly blends the vertical and the personal with a sound that's too fun to resist.


Others worth noting:

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Canopy Red
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Cut from a similar cloth as Tammy Trent or the more upbeat side of Twila Paris, Sharmane sings of basic Christian truths, but is best when applying her pipes to an unexpected cover of Al Green and Annie Lennox's "Put a Little Love in Your Heart."


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Sacred Road
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Release Date
September 22, 2009
The Vine Records
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