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January 2009 2009
Volume 53, Number 1
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Cover Story

Jesus Is Not a Brand
Why it is dangerous to make evangelism another form of marketing.
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Our Priorities for 2009
What direction Christianity Today plans to take.
Second Thoughts about Afghanistan
Groups reconsider their presence after another killing in Afghanistan.
Abortion Battle Fatigue
Abortion opponents head into Obama presidency after big losses.
Quotations from the News
CIA lied, Bob Jones apologizes, eHarmony surrenders, and other quotes from the news.
The Emergence of the Emergent
Leaders hope decentralizing power will revitalize the movement.
Black Churches Find New Homes
African American churches leave the inner city for the suburbs.
Numbers from the News
Get the numbers on suicide, world affairs, and the Amish.
Transitions in Evangelicalism
Focus on the Family eliminates jobs, American Bible Society president chosen, and other transitions.
News Briefs
Wycliffe receives $50 million, Without Walls faces foreclosure, and other news in brief.
Microfinance, Now More Micro
Hit by the credit crunch, lenders anticipate fewer loans to the poor.
Faith-based Super Bowl Parties
A pastor explains why his church likes to be host for football's biggest event.
Popcorn in the Pews
Movie theaters are the new churches. Some congregations plan to stay.
Editorial: The Greatest Social Need
It happens to be something that evangelicals are specially gifted to meet.
Editorial: Don't Let Them Die Alone
Hospice care spirituality would benefit from greater Christian engagement.
Richard Foster: Spiritual Formation Agenda
Three priorities for the next 30 years.
A Struggle for Justice
Gary Haugen says rescuing the oppressed is within our reach.
Gay Marriage: Up For Debate
Publicly arguing for traditional marriage is worth it even if I don't change many minds.
Memphis's Other Graceland
For over 40 years, JoeAnn Ballard has grown a ministry that has transformed thousands of lives.
Better Than a Bailout
Foreclosure disaster drives California churches to launch home rescue efforts.
Groans Too Deep for Words
A new breed of bands sees instruments as more than accompaniment for praise lyrics.
Sudan's Church After War
Amid ongoing violence, southern Sudan's Christians model a different kind of hope.
Sudan Envoy's Advice: 'Raise Cain'
How advocacy by American Christians trims violence in Sudan.
Reflections: Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
Opinion: How to Help Orphans
Orphanages are not always the best answer.
Arends: There Goes the Neighborhood
Do I have to love my neighbor if he breaks the law?
The Evolution of Darwin
The scientist's problem with God did not spring from his theory.
Review: <i>The Blue Parakeet</i>
Facing difficult passages may help us better understand the Bible as a whole.
Books Uncommon and Offbeat
Evangelical Disenchantment, Jesus and Philosophy, and Rapture for the Geeks.
Review: <i>Tell It Slant</i>
Jesus' language shows the mundane is where faith is fleshed out.
My Top 5 Books on Personal Finance
My top 5 books on personal finance.
<i>Battlestar Galactica</i>: Evolve or Die
Battlestar Galactica: New life impossible without death.
Garrels, Josh
Josh Garrels finds God in the shadows.
The List: PhotographyWatch
Christianity Today's design director lists his favorite photography sites.
Philip Yancey: A Surefire Investment
How to pray in the midst of financial catastrophe.