Style: a combined effort from some of the best Christian artists today, all getting in touch with their country gospel side

Top tracks: "Psalm 23", "What We Promclaim", and "Never"

In a nutshell: The first Glory Revealed album, released in 2007, snagged two Dove awards and some critical acclaim. This sequel is another bright star. What was great about the first record, and is fully and skillfully carried through on this second record, is the use of Scripture to create the lyrical content. The pairing of the Word to the rootsy, genuine feel of a southern gospel back-beat is a working combination. The great artists represented here help to create its excellence. Voices like Bethany Dillon, Laura Story, Natalie Grant, and Mac Powell are paired well with songs that compliment the sound. Overall, this album is a refreshing dose of God's Word for the ears.

Glory Revealed II
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
July 14, 2009
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