Here are the blog posts that sparked the most reader curiosity during the third month of Her.meneutics. Thanks to both committed readers and stumble-upon visitors for making the CT women's blog a success! And, if there are particular topics you'd really like to see us cover, please send your suggestions to editor Sarah Pulliam (spulliam[at] or editor Katelyn Beaty (kbeaty[at]

(ten) "Declining Female Happiness," by Lisa Graham McMinn // Comments: 23
A new study reveals that feminism may be the source of our discontent.

(nine) "Trashing Sarah Palin's Faith, Family, and Femininity," by Sarah Pulliam // Comments: 17
The outgoing Alaska governor has faced 10 months of serious scrutiny.

(eight) "Stand By Your Unfaithful Politician Husband?" by Sarah Pulliam // Comments: 15
Christian politicians Mark Sanford and John Ensign recently confessed to having affairs, but their wives were absent from the press conferences.

(seven) "Top Clothing Lines Downsize Plus-Size Offerings," by Elrena Evans // Comments: 14
Which clothing lines are belt-tightening during the shrinking economy.

(six) "When a Pro-Life Blogger Goes Too Far," by Laura Leonard // Comments: 6
The case of 'April's Mom' is less an indictment on the pro-life movement and more the story of a deeply pained woman.

(five) "The Downside of Hooking Up," by Christine A. Scheller // Comments: 34
The message of 'female sexual liberation' comes with a cost.

(four) "Schuller's Eldest Daughter to Lead Crystal Cathedral," by Katelyn Beaty // Comments: 13
Sheila Schuller Coleman to become her father's 'legs' in new role.

(three) "Neda: More Than Her Death," by Christine A. Scheller // Comments: 6 Behind the stark symbol of her videotaped death ...

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