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Volume 53, Number 5
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Table of Contents 2009
The CT Archives are a rich treasure of biblical wisdom and insight from our past. Some things we would say differently today, and some stances we've changed. But overall, we're amazed at how relevant so much of this content is. We trust that you'll find it a helpful resource. - Mark Galli, editor-in-chief
Despite being laid off, one woman is committed to supporting three children.
Your responses to the March 2009 issue of Christianity Today.
Christians in Swat Valley brace for Taliban rule.
Access to federal money may be mixed blessing for embryonic research.
Mark Young becomes president of Denver Seminary, Mary Hulst becomes chaplain of Calvin College, and other transitions in the Christian world.
Drug violence halts church trips to short-term missions mecca.
Comments on generic evangelicals, Habitat's demolition crews, and other topics from recent news.
Tax exemption means layoffs hit congregations' employees harder.
Studies suggest that pastors' health declines are a church problem.
Get the numbers on cancer patients, American Idol, and lay leaders.
Todd Bentley marries former intern, Oral Roberts University and Joyce Meyer Ministries become accredited, and other recent news.
The president and CEO of Open Doors USA updated CT on North Korea, which the group ranks as the world's worst persecutor of Christians.
Evangelicals discount portrayal as leftist voting bloc.
President Obama's tax plan will hurt the very people he's trying to help.
Even in tough times, your favorite charities are doing better than anyone expected.
How does an Anabaptist charity get donors to give $1,200 a year?
Why Tullian Tchividjian, the grandson of the Most Admired Man in America, thinks Christians need to become unfashionable.
Six Protestant churches that strive to match form with faith.
A new survey suggests that seekers are not looking for user-friendly, mall-like buildings.
How the great theologian might weigh in on the Darwin debate.
When a landmark study suggests that intercessory prayer may actually hurt patients instead of help them, you have to wonder.
At 26, Joshua DuBois has already been a pastor and a congressional fellow, and is now the President's faith-based point man.
The challenges facing Joshua DuBois and the faith-based initiative.
Philip Mangano, the federal 'homeless czar,' says, 'Yes we can.'
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
When science is made 'apolitical' and 'unencumbered by religion,' it's usually to hyper-politicize and hyper-sacralize it.
Without them, the planet couldn't support creatures like us.
What are we to make of the variety of spiritual experiences?
Short reviews of The Divine Commodity, Something's Rising, and The Reason For Crows.
Two evangelicals argue for more generous immigration policies.
Shane Hipps urges Christians to discern the technology spirits.
Websites to help you rediscover the beauty of planet Earth this spring.
M. Ward's songs of love, loss, death—and redemption.
Biblical allusions run throughout the series.
Understanding the Atonement is about more than grasping a theory.
Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank
Female Evangelical Leaders Have a Hidden Predecessor to Thank
Kathryn Kuhlman’s story offers a case study of the indisputable achievements of strong evangelical women and the equally indisputable roadblocks they often face.