Style: Top-40 jukebox as interpreted by a Colecovision console

Top tracks: "Viva La Vida," "When You Were Young," "Somewhere Only We Know"

In a nutshell:Favorites at Play is a covers album, though exactly what those "favorites" are might surprise fans of Ronnie Martin's analog purism (hint: Kraftwerk no, the Killers yes). Instead of the new-wave classics one might expect, Martin's eleventh Joy Electric record is a synthed-up version of the local AAA station, with fey (but faithful) takes on Feist, Coldplay, Blink-182, and others. One is tempted to ask what the point is, butMartin's in his pop element, and the result is his most sugary, fun Joy Electric record since 1997's Robot Rock.

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Favorites at Play
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
November 3, 2009
Tooth & Nail Records
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