Sounds like … The solid arrangements and production of Hillsong United mixed with the hard rock feel of Kutless' non-worship albums.

At a glance … The band's second worship album mixes some cleverly arranged covers with some ear- and soul-catching originals.

In releasing their second worship album, Kutless has no one to live up to but themselves, since their first such project, 2005's Strong Tower, went gold. Starting out in 2000 as a worship group named Call Box, the band has a knack for mixing hard rock with those worship roots. It Is Well is no exception.

The clanking of heels on pavement, the ringing of church bells, and the distant singing of the hymn It Is Well With My Soul opens this record, and certainly catches your attention. Then, as you you hear a door creak open and the sound of footsteps walking into a large cathedral, an electronic pulse accompanies the choir of singers, and the smooth voice of lead singer Jon Micah Sumrall chimes in with the verse of this old hymn. Translating such a classic into something current can feel awkward or forced, but Kutless pulls it off.

Kutless also recreates some well-known worship songs. Starting out as a soft piano arrangement, "Hungry" becomes a huge rock worship ballad, with layered instruments and solid harmonies. "Give Us Clean Hands" follows suit with a gang vocal at the top and an upbeat tempo, giving this song new life and an exciting way for worship leaders to interpret this tune.

The originals here are also worthy of attention. Although these tracks are significantly lighter than the band's usual fare, they are meaningful and singable. Surprisingly, radio single "What Faith Can Do" doesn't hold up in my ears to other original tunes like "Amazed" and "You Are Everything." The driving march feel of "Amazed" creates powerful momentum that carries the listener into the catchy chorus, as Kutless shows it can tone down the rock without losing musical sensibility.

Although this is a solid worship album, it would have been nice to hear a few more original tunes, or the creativity of "It Is Well" carried throughout the album. This record will nevertheless be a good tool for worship leaders, and a good listen for Kutless fans.

It Is Well
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October 20, 2009
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