Five years ago, six teenagers from different parts of the country arrived at Belmont University in Nashville, each intending to study music, each hoping to develop their respective solo acts. But by the time they were seniors, their talents and interests had coincided to the point that they were regularly providing back-up vocals and accompaniment for each other at various gigs. Soon the six of them—Rachel Harlow, Devon Graves, Jonathan and Emily Martin, and Patrick and Molly Lockwood (there are now two married couples among them)—decided to create their own group, Mosaic—a fitting title considering the variety of pieces that make up the whole. They've since released a Christmas album (Until the Son of God Appears) and, just recently, a worship album (As Long As It Is Day).

We caught up with five of them (Devon was in France) to talk about their new CD, their joys and challenges, and their shared passion for serving the church.

What was the impetus for Mosaic?

Emily: We didn't start thinking about doing group things until senior year. One day, Patrick was doodling around on the guitar on "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" and we all just chimed in and were like, This is cool, why don't we make a Christmas CD?

Jonathan: For me, it's been a lesson in how God leads. There wasn't a big moment. We did the Christmas album for fun and did a three-week tour. God was really opening doors for us as a group. It surprised all of us to go into full-time together.

Rachel: It was God's prompting. It resonated in all of our hearts to minister together.We all have a heart to minister to churches particularly; we love to help in any way we can with their Sunday morning worship.

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