Style: Modern/classic rock; compare to Tom Petty, The Who, Jimmy Eat World

Top tracks: "Relentless," "God Save the Foolish Kings," "Constant"

Brimming with power chords, shiny synths, monstrous melodies, and youthful enthusiasm, House of Heroes' fourth studio album screams summertime. Crisply produced by Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K), the project is split between rip-roaring classic rockers and modern alt-pop gems, only occasionally coming off as derivative during its Electric Light Orchestra-like power pop surges. But there's more musical muscle and lyrical maturity as the band searches for spiritual significance, interjecting shots of inspiration to combat the mundane moments of suburban living.

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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
August 3, 2010
Gotee Records
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