"God sometimes calls people into difficult situations; I think the AMA is one of those situations, and perhaps there are folks who God has called to change it from the inside. I don't think it is possible any longer. It's gone so far down a slippery slope, and those who are left within the organization have such little control, that the ability for change is remote."

"Belonging to [the AMA] probably makes you complicit with evil. And that is something a Christian should not ever be caught up in — endorsement or complicity with an organization that is doing evil. Scripture teaches we must avoid every kind of evil; we must never do evil that good may come; we must hate and oppose evil; we should separate ourselves from evil; and we should overcome evil with good."

"I see little value in being connected to the AMA unless there are significant advantages (e.g.,having an effectivevoice within their meetings and their literature)that offset the obvious negatives. The organization was long ago politicized and itsethical positions are almost always contrary to my own cherished biblical beliefs. This has contributed to astunning loss of membership over the past decades. In my opinion, the time,money, and influenceinvolved in a professional medical membership are better spent in affinity organizations such as the Christian Medical Association. Now that we face a veritable tsunami of ethical conundrums in modern medicine, our trumpet needs to sound a clear call."

"It's hard to justify spending $420 a year on an organization which has proven themselves an inside-Washington, deal-making organization focused on the issues which relate to doctor payment at the expense of other issues important to health care and the public. My mission ...

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