Style: Chick rock in the style of Paramore, Flyleaf, and Brooke Barrettsmith

Top tracks: "For Those Who Wait" "Desperate," "You Give Me That Feeling"

Fireflight's third studio album with Flicker is packed with words of wisdom clearly pointed toward a young audience, with songs about overcoming addiction, living passionately, and waiting on God. The production on Wait, however, is so crispy clean and overdone that it loses its authenticity. Lead singer Dawn Michelle's killer voice is covered with effects and vocal overlay. Guitarist Justin Cox noted that the band explored new recording techniques this time around. But the best parts of this record are when Michelle's voice is raw and in the open, like the soft piano intro of "Name." Her voice is the best part of this album, but the production and songwriting fall short.

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For Those Who Wait
Our Rating
1 Star - Weak
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Release Date
February 9, 2010
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