"We are potentially a great country but we are messing up and we have to accept that fact."
Ignatius Kaigama, Catholic Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria, and chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Plateau State, after January's deadly sectarian violence.

* * *

"This in no way should be thought of as a green light for spanking. This is a red light for people who want to legally limit how parents choose to discipline their children."
Marjorie Gunnoe, a Calvin College psychology professor, on her new study that finds that children who remember being spanked do better in school, volunteer more, and are more optimistic than unspanked children.
The Grand Rapids Press

* * *

"My principal responsibility at Fox News isn't to proselytize. But occasionally a mention of faith seems to me to be appropriate. When those occasions come, I'll do it."
Brit Hume, analyst and former anchor for Fox News Sunday, on the backlash to his televised comments that Tiger Woods should "turn to the Christian faith."
Christianity Today Online

* * *

"Rick, wanna wrestle sometime?" "Rainn, sure, if in mud, on PPV & proceeds go to help Haiti!"
Tweets between actor Rainn Wilson of The Office and Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren.

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