Style: Hardcore rock/metal; compare to Living Sacrifice, Norma Jean, Deftones

Top tracks: "Catch Myself Catching Myself," "A Divine Eradication," "Who Will Guard the Guardians?"

Membership changes are nothing new in Underoath's camp, but now that former drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie is out of the fold (moving toward The Almost full time), the hard rockers' dynamic has noticeably shifted. For those into growling vocals, militant guitars, and unrelenting percussion, there's no shortage of pummeling power. But if you're looking for a melodic pop bent to balance the onslaught, it appears much less frequently, compared to other recent offerings. Nonetheless, the band still delivers plenty of seeker-friendly songwriting—some of the hardcore scene's most provocative.

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Release Date
November 16, 2010
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