Style: Alt-rock; compare to Mutemath, Family Force 5, FM Static

Top tracks: "Hero," "Let Go," "Your Love Goes On"

Sounding somewhat like Mutemath, this Texas-based Christian rock band—named after a verse (Joshua 22:3) about not abandoning our brothers—uses the same expressive vocals and pitter-patter drums; the album title even shares that of a Mutemath single. But it does not work as well. On the song "Known," singer Josh Engler sounds too emotive. Opening track "Feel It in Your Heart" adds party-synth ala Family Force 5, but just feels forced. "SOS" has goofy lyrics ("SOS, the water's rising and I'm going down") and a vibe borrowed from FM Static. On "Hero," they finally settle down, focusing on what Christ did for us.

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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
April 19, 2011
Forefront Records
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