When our regular readers think back to memorable posts from 2011, they'll most likely think of the most controversial ones, many of which appeared on yesterday's roundup. But what of the 250-some other posts that appeared on Her.meneutics over the past year? To remember those and introduce them to readers who missed them, we asked 10 of our regular bloggers to select a favorite post written by a fellow blogger. Here's what they chose:

Michelle Van Loon's pick:
Why It's Your Job to Break the Women's Ministry Stereotype
, by Sharon Hodde Miller (October 11, 2011)
Michelle: Sharon's piece about shattering tired women's ministry stereotypes challenged me to do more than just whine about the way things are, though I'm exceedingly good at doing that. I am putting together an applied theology morning workshop for the women of my church inspired in part by Sharon's words.

Sharon Hodde Miller's pick:
Confessions of a Breadwinner Wife
, by Karen Swallow Prior (May 3, 2011)
Sharon: In conversations of this sort, it's easy to dismiss men to the realm of silent party as women air their grievances. That is not what Karen did with this piece. Instead, it was really an ode to her husband, and I came away from the piece with great respect for her husband and the marriage between them.

Karen Swallow Prior's pick:
Guarding Your Marriage without Dissing Women
, by Gina Dalfonzo (May 31, 2011)
Karen: As a married Christian professional woman, I loved the wisdom (and humor) in this post about being wise-but-not-ridiculous in acknowledging our human fallibility without automatically sexualizing or demonizing every opposite-sex friend or colleague.

Gina Dalfonzo's pick:Welcoming Doubt to Christian Education, by Karen Swallow Prior (September 16, 2011) Gina: ...

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