Style: Heartfelt worship pop; compare to Phil Wickham, John Mark McMillan, Bryan Free

Top tracks: "It Is Well," "Sing It," "Know by Now"

There are moments on Josh Wilson's third album where the singer-songwriter aims for an out-of-the-ordinary worship music experience: the understated pair of tracks ("Sing It," "Behind The Beauty") that open the disc; "It Is Well," the gorgeous acoustic guitar-led instrumental that drops in at the halfway point. But far too often Wilson falls back on the familiar: writing big chorused, overproduced pop songs that leave nothing to the imagination and paint the scene in loud, bold strokes of his lyrical paintbrush. It makes See You the perfect album for the iPod age. There's little need to download the whole album, just those songs that push for something different.

See You
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
February 8, 2011
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