Style: Folk; compare to Rich Mullins, Caedmon's Call, early Jars of Clay

Top tracks: "Make Love Not War," "Aching for Eden," "The Land Between"

This is Brawner's passionate attempt to dive into Scripture and make art reflective of what he learns. It's been done before, but Brawner does something a lot of others don't: He holds my attention, with 12 solid songs of spiritual nourishment that art should provide. "Make Love, Not War," the top track, is the story of David and Bathsheba before David repents, really wrestling with the context of the situation. Christian music is often homogenized for mass consumption, but this is an engaging change of pace.

Flannelgraph Sessions LP
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
July 12, 2011
Milieu Artist Cooperative
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