Style: Live worship; compare to Chris Tomlin, Passion, and Hillsong United's live albums.

Top tracks: "Time Is Come," "All I Need Is You," "Solution"

The DVD portion of this dual disc set is the second part of Hillsong's documentary series "I Heart Revolution." The film follows Hillsong for three years on a global mission of social justice, while the music CD is a compilation of live tracks from concerts. All are new cuts of previously recorded Hillsong tunes, without much variation in style, making the CD feel a bit uneventful. It may be fun for die-hard fans to hear some new vocals and spins on tunes like "All I Need Iis You" and "Solution," but the CD is only available packaged with the DVD—which seems right, because the music is just a little bonus to a documentary well worth watching.

We're All in This Together
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Release Date
July 26, 2011
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