Style: Percussive folk-pop; compare to Cadillac Sky, Punch Brothers, Mumford & Sons

Top tracks: "Punchline," "I've Had Enough," "Common Ties"

With decidedly more bite than the breezy set list of last year's Yellow Tag Mondays, the Drifters' prodigious bluegrass, folk, vintage pop/rock hybrid musically matures and lyrically deepens, addressing human brokenness with redeeming themes. From the progressive pulse and lyrical angst of "Punchline" ("Don't know what it is that fills my head with doubt / I just want to shine the light that is trying to get out") to the juxtaposition of "I've Had Enough," with sweet Fleet Foxes-ish vocal pads steering goodbye stanzas ("I've had enough / I just wanted you to know my heart is made of steel"), these fine-tuned men charm and provoke in their bewitching coming-of-age soundtrack.

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Echo Boom
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Release Date
June 7, 2011
Heart Squeeze Records
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