Nothing Is Impossible

Nothing Is Impossible
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
June 1, 2011

Sounds like: Commanding worship rock; compare to Parachute Band, Tenth Avenue North, Desperation Band

Top tracks: "Power," "Sound Of Praise," "We Cry Out"

The first studio album in five years by this Australian worship outfit picks right up where they left off with 2005's Arise (not to mention the bevy of live recordings they've released since). The band jumps right out of the gate with volume, intensity, and a palpable energy that, when heard in concert, must be a soul-shaking experience. It makes the overly produced elements on the album—the AutoTuned vocals on "You Are God," a clipped and pinched drum sound that pervades—that much harder to stomach, and makes the live recording of album closer "We Cry Out" shine out that much brighter.

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