Style: Female-fronted, megachurch worship rock; compare to Hillsong, Chris Tomlin

Top tracks: "Broken for Love's Sake," "Jesus I Am Resting"

You may know Tricia Brock better as singer of the teen-leaning pop-rock group Superchick. On her first solo outing, Brock creates an album chock full of singalong worship anthems as epic as they are predictable. Lyrically, Brock and husband/producer/co-writer Nick Baumhardt are in step with contemporary worship juggernauts, with choruses such as "Oh my God is strong, nothing is impossible" and "Breath of God, you give us life." But another Hillsong knockoff isn't what the genre needs. Brock is best when she breaks out of that box, as on the understated, acoustic-guitar-and-banjo arrangement of "Broken for Love's Sake."

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The Road
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
June 7, 2011
Inpop Records
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