Style: Worship in the pop/rock vein; compare to Coldplay, Jars of Clay, Delirious

Top tracks: "Great I Am," "Awake the Day," "I Will Not Be Silent"

This San Diego-based singer/songwriter breaks out of the same ol' mold of modern worship here with dose of originality. The melodies and arrangements at times resemble Coldplay, Jars of Clay, and/or Delirious, and the lyrics state old truths in new ways, mostly avoiding clichés: "I knew a man who came to take my place / What was His name? / He bore the four marks that take away my pain / What is His Name? / He is the Great I Am." Save for a few stretches where his singing gets a bit whiny—I'd like to hear more of the falsetto he uses on "I Will Not Be Silent"—this is a solid album.

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At the Edge of Imperfection
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
November 18, 2010
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