Style: Gospel/Americana/country; compare to Ben Harper, Hank Williams, Mavis Staples

Top Tracks: "Take the High Road," "Stand By Me"

After dozens of albums, awards, and guest appearances, the Blind Boys of Alabama launch a new musical endeavor, Take the High Road, which marries country with their acclaimed gospel style. Assisted by guest artists like Vince Gill, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, and Lee Ann Womack, they sound perfectly at home. Vocally, the Blind Boys collaborate beautifully, trading solos that showcase each band member's unique sound; however their true artistry lies in their soul, which transcends technique and hints that each song, whether old ("I Saw the Light") or new ("I Was a Burden"), is more than just the music and lyrics.

Take the High Road
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
May 3, 2011
Time Life Records
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