Style: Punk/pop; compare to Relient K, Fallout Boy, The Classic Crime

Top Tracks: "Daylight," "Rely on Her," "My King"

Run Kid Run titled its third studio album appropriately—worn chord progressions, A-B-A song structure, and overall redundancy make Patterns just that, a blueprint for anyone anywhere wanting to sound like Relient K (whose members Matt Theissen and Mark Townsend are co-producers). A few songs stand out, but overall, the generic guitar riffs and uninspired lyrics don't take advantage of the genre's full potential. Although a rarity, quiet moments on tracks like "Daylight" and "My King" may be an indication of artistry masked by generic pop/punk patterns.

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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
November 1, 2011
Tooth & Nail Records
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