Style: Stylish R&B with worship-oriented lyrics; compare to Kirk Franklin, Kierra Sheard

Top tracks: "You Are," "Shake Heaven"

You may remember Montell Jordan from his monstrous R&B singles for the Def Jam label.What you might not know is that he has spent the last few years leading worship at Norcross, Georgia's Victory World Church. The debut album from Victory World Music proves just how stylish and assured Jordan's craft is; he effortlessly twists his old "This Is How We Do It" into a declaration of praise on "Shake Heaven," marries worshipful lyrics with contemporary R&B flair on the (perhaps overly Autotuned) "Yes You Are (Yeshua)," and does an epic, acoustic ballad called "You Are" that's mesmerizing in its adoration of Christ.

Shake Heaven
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
November 3, 2011
Victory World Music
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