Style: Folk/rock; compare to Sara Groves, Sandra McCracken, Bebo Norman

Top Tracks: "The One You Love," "In This Hour," "If You Were Here"

In This Hour culminates two decades of songwriting for Jill Phillips with ten tracks of absolutely polished material. Much like that of her contemporary Sara Groves, Phillips' folk rock is laid back and gently paced, with elaborate string, guitar, and piano arrangements that serve as an excellent base for the lyrics. The album's individuality exists in the specificity of its themes; Phillips addresses everyday graces through second-person telling. As she fights restlessness, strives to find contentment in the present, empathizes with a lost and hurting friend, and expresses romantic and familial love, she creates a conversational tone that lifts up, reassures, comforts, and reminds.

In This Hour
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
November 8, 2011
St. Jerome Music
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