Style: Slow-building worship anthems; compare to The Violet Burning, David Crowder Band, U2

Top tracks: "Offering," "Like a Lion"

The Sounds of Daniel Bashta is nothing if not ambitious. Bashta and his band make use of copious ambient sounds and lots of "Edgy" guitar straight out of the U2 playbook, plus commendable experiments with spoken-word interludes. Yet, there's so much open space and so many lengthy transitions, overwrought climaxes, and multiple loud-quiet-loud moments within a song (several of which top the six-minute mark) that the album feels more meandering than powerful. The flaws are big enough that Bashta can't quite make up for them with his passion, something this young artist has in spades.

The Sounds of Daniel Bashta
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
November 21, 2011
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