Style: Experimental, (mostly) heavy rock; compare to Danielson, Trumans Water, Pavement

Top tracks: "120 Soujouk of Lebanon," "121 Ascension," "133 Oil Beard"

Since 1994, Glen Galloway aka Glen Galaxy has been releasing albums and EPs in genres ranging from noise-rock to hip-hop. Each release is named after a year in the mid 20th century and usually features Galaxy singing passages from the Bible. 1961's lyrics focus solely on the Songs of Ascents from Psalms set to frantic punk-rock riffs, time signatures that change on a whim, and behemoth drumbeats. With 16 tracks spanning Psalm 120 through 135, 1961's frenzied feel grows a bit wearisome toward the end. But the message in these songs is anything but wearisome, and Soul-Junk is one of the few bands that can make large chunks of Scripture feel like such a wildly unpredictable yet soul-satisfying ride.

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Release Date
April 3, 2012
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