People have been pouring into the ancient Mayan empire in southern Mexico. Flying into Cancun on the 10th of December, Shlomy Goldman and I started our trek south to the Palenque ruins. We've met Germans, British, Czech, Argentinians, Israelis and all variety of peoples from around the globe pilgrimmaging tothe "end of the Mayan calendar." All of southern Mexico has become a site of concerts, festivals, and conferences formed around the 12/21 date, which is the supposed end of the calendar, and (some people surmised) of the World. At the very least it is considered a critical transformational date by advocates of the New Age Movement.

Our journey brought us to the End of the World Rainbow Gathering situated in a jungle palm grove 12 kilometers outside of town. The Rainbow Gatherings are hippie camping events, which have been happening worldwide since 1972. Permanent nomadic travelers, homeless, and part time hippies converged on the grove. When we first arrived, the gathering had already grown to almost 500 and in a few days has risen to at least 3,000.

I volunteered to organize building makeshift showers for the thousands who came to the grove. Michael from Greece came to help. He and I discussed why he was here. "It has been happening for a couple years now." he said. "People are coming to greater understanding. On the 21st I believe consciousness shall rise higher." Michael's evidence for this rising consciousness is the growth of organic farming and other types of "earth concern."

Dan from Scotland came to Mexico specifically for the Rainbow Gathering. "You know what I think is going to happen on the 21st?" Dan asked rhetorically. "Nothing." ...

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