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The Susan G. Komen Foundation announced that it has reversed its earlier decision to make Planned Parenthood ineligible for new funding.

Komen officials said that 19 existing agreements between Komen and Planned Parenthood will continue, and Planned Parenthood programs will not be barred from applying for new grants. The organization said in a statement groups applying for grants would be disqualified if they are under criminal investigation, reversing an earlier decision that made Planned Parenthood ineligible because it was under political investigation. A board member for Komen said the decision does not necessarily commit Komen to future Planned Parenthood funding.

Planned Parenthood, which conducts breast exams but not mammograms, received more than $600,000 from Komen last year. Pro-life groups will be watching to see if Komen does extend new grants to the organization, said Care Net president Melinda Delahoyde.

"As one person said, 'Planned Parenthood doesn't do anything more for women with breast cancer than what I can do in the shower,' " Delahoyde said. "You can find out in the shower you have a lump you want investigated, but why would you go to Planned Parenthood if they don't do mammograms?"

The decision reflects the "disgraceful and appalling" pressure Planned Parenthood ...

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