Style: Country gospel; compare to Little Big Town, Guy Penrod, The Isaacs

Top tracks: "Back to the Front Porch," "God Has a Plan," "I Love You This Much"

Famous for breaking down barriers between southern gospel, country, and gospel music, The Crabb Family reignites their genre-bending sound with a solid ten-song reunion. Giving their faith-assured lyrics a modern country musical context—with heart-tugging pedal steel, double-stop fiddle, easy-going banjo, and country-infused electric guitar—the siblings' soulful vocal prowess translates their ministerial hearts to tape. Together is a polished progressive set that lyrically upholds traditional values for younger gospel generations and musically serves as a complementary side project to the family's individual careers—including Jason's Grammy-winning standout success.

Together Again
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
February 7, 2012
Gaither Music Group
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