Style: Worship; compare to NewSong, Aaron Shust, FFH

Top tracks: "For the Better," "Reveal," "It's All Good"

Just as many contemporary Sunday morning services consist of a mix of classic hymns, modern worship hits, the "relevant" indie song, and quiet anthems of emotive spirituality, so also Reveal offers a wide assortment of styles. Featuring a Ron Kenoly-esque horn section, twinkling synths, and even a few funk beats, these 11 tracks traverse a vast array of worship trends. While this hodgepodge formula can certainly make for an engaging worship service, in recorded album format it feels too erratic. And the lyrics are derivative and routine. Too many musical styles and not enough lyrical creativity can make an earnest worship album both unfocused and clichéd.

Our Rating
2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
January 24, 2012
Dream Records
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