Style: Southern rock; compare to Third Day, The Black Crowes, DecembeRadio, Todd Agnew

Top tracks: "Gonna Be Alright," "Make Me New," "Get Up Get Out"

Rhett Walker certainly has some tales to tell. A preacher's kid, he was expelled from school, dabbled in drugs, and got his girlfriend pregnant at 17. Now 25, Walker has returned to his faith and, after leading worship for a while, moved to Nashville to form this eponymous band. There's a vertical element to some of these songs, but the guitar slinger mostly sings about grace and rising above demons. Some of the tunes smolder with foot-stomping gusto, but Walker seems to be holding back a bit for the radio. Still, there's plenty of fine southern-fried rock here.

Come to the River
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
July 10, 2012
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