Style: Ambient art rock; compare to Warpaint, Beach House, Bat for Lashes

Top Tracks: "Moonbeams," "Again," "Grace & Lies"

Promotional materials describe Family Band's sophomore album as an exploration of lies and their accompanying grace, with the threat of ruin in the former giving the latter its power and beauty. Glimpses of this concept flicker throughout, with vague lyrics like "break all these lies / I've been telling stories all my life / let me ease your mind," but with such meaty thematic potential, one would expect a more developed execution. The makings of a brooding ambient rock album are still here, though. Sparse, melodic tunes break up complex soundscapes that spin layers of looping harmonies underneath Kim Krans' haunting alto.

Grace & Lies
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
July 24, 2012
No Quarter
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