It will come as no surprise to you that breastfeeding, masturbation, censorship, and John Piper (twice!) got Her.meneutics readers talking. It may very well surprise you that sleep, earnestness, and health food got them chattering just as loudly. Take this lazy Independence Day to catch up on the posts you may have missed, both this year and in years past, and name your own personal favorite in the comments section.

A note about metrics: Our top 10 lists are based on number of unique pageviews per post, and thus do not necessarily reflect posts' popularity among readers or editors.

(10) When Christian Bookstores Ban Female Body Parts, by Caryn Rivadeneira (March 27)
Unpacking the Rachel Held Evans-Thomas Nelson dust-up over the 'v-word.'

(9) Prodigal Children: If It Can Happen to John Piper, It Can Happen to You, by Marlena Graves (June 20)
There's nothing we fallible parents can do to ensure our kids will keep the faith.

(8) 'Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus': To Adore or Adhor?, by Laura Ortberg Turner (January 16)
What we can take away from the viral video that elicited such visceral reactions.

(7) Cross-Gender Friendships: What's Appropriate for Married People? by Sharon Hodde Miller (April 18)
A new model suggests married men and women can be best friends—and not with their spouses. Think again.

(6) John Piper and the Rise of Biblical Masculinity, by Rachel Marie Stone (February 9)
Why many church leaders are tempted to confuse cultural norms with biblical truth.

(5) Breastfeeding in Church, and Other Petty Crimes, by Rachel Marie Stone (March 2)
The act of breastfeeding is a picture of the care God gives us.

(4) Getting to the Root of Female Masturbation, by Marlena Graves (January 5)
And the surprising role the church can play in helping women curb addiction to it.

(3) Ann Voskamp, Tim Challies, Beth Moore: Dinner and a Defense of Earnestness, by Micha Boyett (May 29)
Tim Challies calls Ann Voskamp's book "dangerous." She invites him for dinner. He apologizes. Beth Moore also wants an invite. We look at what it looks like to err on the side of earnestness.
(2) The Best Naked Pregnant Woman on a Magazine Cover, by Caryn Rivadeneira (March 15)
Why Jessica Simpson's recent Elle cover is worth celebrating.

(1) Real Women Don't Text Back: How Women Fuel the Man-Boy Problem, by Ruthie Dean (January 25)
Women will help single men grow up by refusing to play by their frat-boy standards.

Other notable posts of the year:

Want to Follow God? Go to Sleep by Karen Swallow Prior (February 21)

The Dark Side of Healthy Eating: Diagnosing 'Orthorexia' Eating Disorders, by Rachel Marie Stone (May 31)

Why Facebook Removed Photos of a Baby, by Karen Swallow Prior (May 25)

Hungry for the Hunger Games: Why We Need Dystopian Tales, by Monica Selby (March 22)

Confessions of a Lustful Christian Woman, by Jonalyn Fincher (March 21)