Style: Neo-alternative worship/hymns; compare to Enter the Worship Circle, City Hymns

Top Tracks: "We Sing As One," "I Will Be Still," "None But Thee"

If Hillsong exemplifies one church worship service gone viral, New York City's Trinity Grace offers an intimate alternative—Young Oceans. Their debut album features lengthy arrangements of new hymns, inviting the listener into a worship session meant to encourage meditation and prayer. Personal style preferences will definitely impact listeners' reactions; hymn lovers who quickly tire of repetitious phrases may appreciate Young Oceans' thoughtful lyricism, but perhaps not the long instrumental refrains. These instances of the Psalmic selah do, however, foster an atmosphere of reflection and humility, thankfully with no distracting solos from the musicians, who play together seamlessly.

Young Oceans
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
July 31, 2012
Street Talk Media
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