Style: Emo power-pop; compare to Something Corporate, Relient K, Cheap Trick

Top tracks: "Run and Don't Stop," "Revival"

As is his custom, Bryce Avary (aka The Rocket Summer) produced, wrote and played all the instruments on this new record, (releasing on his own label after two albums with Island/Def Jam). Avary's youthful, polarizing vocals still lead the charge as he emotes positive, faith-based messages such as "be the rescuing type" alongside piano, big guitars and even bigger hooks. By the end of the album though, the 12 tracks begin to run together—a predictable pitfall for a one-man show acting as a full band. But the addictive refrains and delicious melodies mostly make up for the album's shortcomings.

Life Will Write the Words
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
June 5, 2012
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