Style: Pop/Folk/Rock; compare to Jessa Anderson, Audrey Assad, Emily Hearn

Top Tracks: "Storytelling," "Pushed Down," "Rescue"

Pop artist Croteau debuts imagery depicting human darkness as a silhouette against the anchor and light of Christ. Over the course of the album, Croteau fluctuates between two distinct styles. Her radio-friendly, Taylor Swift-style pop translates into slightly gimmicky love songs to Jesus, especially with language like "I get these butterflies" and "baby, I could never let you go." Alternately, Croteau's songwriting potential is evident on more thoughtful acoustic ballads, often strengthened by her sister's accompanying harmonies, which display maturity both lyrically and musically ("Rescue," "Sacred Romance").

Anchors & Silhouettes
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
March 13, 2012
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