Style: Inspirational worship; compare to Fernando Ortega, Tommy Walker, Don Poythress

Top tracks: "You Will Be My Song," "Great Things," "Divine Exchange"

A multimillion-selling worship artist/writer, Moen turned to fans to fund his first worship project in three years, giving him artistic license to take musical liberties that label-driven projects often lack. Double stop fiddles introduce the country bent of "Great Things," and one hot B3 organ, plus soulful background vocals, give "Thank You Jesus" a retro sound, making Moen's worship motif unique. And though clichéd rhymes occasionally surface, vulnerable themes encourage life and hope in the midst of doubt and confusion. Add that to Moen's straightforward, James Taylor-inspired vocals, and Territory is a nice counter to much of modern worship's kitsch.

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Unchartered Territory
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
March 26, 2012
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