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November 2012
Volume 56, Number 10
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Table of Contents
Let's be frank: Religion in America really does enjoy 'special privileges.' Here are five reasons—plus one—why it should.
Does Muslim law have a place in the American landscape?
It's not imitating Christ, but union with him that makes the difference.
Why Christians need to revive the historically rich phrase.
How businesses are doing more holistic ministry than ever.
What it means for the church to be involved in politics.
Important races, ballot initiatives, and exit poll questions.
Important developments in the church and the world.
Does it matter 'why' Christian professors agree with their colleges' doctrine?
Amid a flurry of scandalous accusations, ministries again face the question of whether to abandon or reform the broadcaster.
Why many advocacy groups are condemning another's optimistic report.
Without official recogition, evangelicals must travel abroad to get married. Will a lawsuit help?
The Kentucky Court of Appeals says it can't be enforced. Should schools use it anyway?
How Denver's faith and civic leaders are working together to get families off the street and into jobs and homes.
Readers respond to the September issue.
Reconciliation must be at the heart of peacemaking.
Three visions of the future.
But I don't know exactly how the world was created.
Why so many Christians saw Pussy Riot's Russia stunt as more than a protest.
Book Reviews:
Why megachurch pastor Charles Stanley had spent so much time in prayer his whole life.
Randolph Richards and Brandon O'Brien help us see through different cultural lenses.
It's more than merely helpful to set down the church's core convictions in words.
And why everything else does.
Brief reviews of 'The Divine Voice,' 'So Brilliantly Clever,' and 'American Science Fiction'
Chaplains watched over their flocks in the midst of great danger.
A brief look.
A brief look.
Music Reviews:
Inside his solo debut, "The McGuire Side."
Grammy nominee says Tourette's took her 'for a spin.'
In Every Issue
Reasoning together about our life together.
What CT does like no other magazine and website.
Grammy nominee says Tourette's took her 'for a spin.'
God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
God Shook My World at an EDM Concert
I was rolling on Ecstasy when the scales suddenly fell from my eyes.