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Readers respond to the July/August issue.

God of Evolution

I much appreciated "A Tale of Two Scientists" [July/August]. However, I found your editorial comment, "The Evolution of the Debate," less than satisfying: "The debate may be with us always … until that day when we learn how all truth is one in Christ."Not all current views on how things started can be true, if any are. We can't live in ignorance, but we are charged with seeking the truth with diligence—not until Christ returns, but until one view has enough evidence that it would be unreasonable to oppose it.

Brian Ashurst
Soledad, California

I am writing to commend Tim Stafford for the excellent "A Tale of Two Scientists," featuring theistic evolutionist Darrel Falk and young-earth creationist Todd Wood.I am pleased that Wood has gone beyond criticizing evolution and is tackling the necessary scientific research program of explaining the details of a creationist theory of origins.

Now that Stafford has done such a fine job with Falk and Wood, I recommend that CT dispatch him to Seattle for a profile of Dr. Stephen Meyer, the director of Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture, thus avoiding the erroneous implication that theistic evolution and young-earth creationism are the only alternatives to the reigning atheistic theory of evolution.

Phillip E. Johnson
Professor emeritus
University of California, Berkeley

Editors' Note: Tim Stafford based "A Tale of Two Scientists" on research for his forthcoming book, The Search for Adam, which also includes profiles of two scientists from the Intelligent Design movement.

Juvenile Readings

After reading Leslie Leyland Fields's "The Gospel Is More Than a Story" ...

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