September (Web-only) 2012

Walden Responds to CriticsSubscriber Access Only
President of production company tells CT that criticisms of 'Won't Back Down' don't stand up.
Did Evangelicals Change the Climate Change Conversation?
Did Evangelicals Change the Climate Change Conversation?Subscriber Access Only
Agnostic scholar Katharine Wilkinson looks at the legacy of the Evangelical Climate Initiative.
LooperSubscriber Access Only
This time-travelling sci-fi drama is carefully plotted, beautifully executed, and full of important questions.
Won't Back Down
Won't Back DownSubscriber Access Only
A controversial film about educational reform doesn't make the grade.
The Perks of Being a WallflowerSubscriber Access Only
A compelling look at grief and guilt and the wonderfully horrid experience that is high school.
The Problem with "Awkward Couples of Liberty University"Subscriber Access Only
And other postmodern instruments of public shame.
Flight from North Korea
Flight from North KoreaSubscriber Access Only
Asia's underground railroad has deeply Christian origins, says journalist Melanie Kirkpatrick.
A New Chapter in the Homeschooling MovementSubscriber Access Only
Homeschooling families will thrive if they work together, not maroon themselves on separate islands.
Celebrating Life in HollywoodSubscriber Access Only
New organization devoted to films that promote human dignity.
Religious Groups' Anti-Trafficking Fight Draws in Obama
Religious Groups' Efforts to Fight Sex Trafficking Draws Presidential AttentionSubscriber Access Only
Obama says human trafficking will become a major focus of his Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.
Obama at the U.N.: A New Religion Doctrine
Obama at the U.N.: A New Religion DoctrineSubscriber Access Only
"Given the power of faith in our lives ... the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression; it is more speech," President says.
One of the Most Ironic Religious Freedom Lawsuits Ever Filed
The Story Behind One of the Most Ironic Religious Freedom Lawsuits Ever FiledSubscriber Access Only
The religious discrimination complaint against the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom moves closer to trial.
Discerning Obama's America
Discerning Obama's AmericaSubscriber Access Only
A political scientist examines Dinesh D'Souza's '2016.'
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Higgs Boson?Subscriber Access Only
How new scientific discoveries have shaped my theology.
BabelSubscriber Access Only
Mumford & the Son
Mumford & the SonSubscriber Access Only
Exploring the Christ-haunted lyrics of Marcus Mumford and his popular band.
Into the LightSubscriber Access Only
Leonard the Lonely AstronautSubscriber Access Only
Pilgrims & ProdigalsSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals Vote Republican—Mormon or No Mormon
Evangelicals Vote Republican—Mormon or No MormonSubscriber Access Only
Some pundits said evangelicals would never support a Mormon. They were wrong.
Hookup Culture Is Good for Women, and Other Feminist MythsSubscriber Access Only
According to 'Atlantic' essayist Hanna Rosin, we should celebrate that young women are now acting as sexually selfish as their male counterparts.
Making Too Much of Marriage
Making Too Much of MarriageSubscriber Access Only
The problem is not God's good gift of holy matrimony—it's when we desire it above all else, forgetting the Christian virtue of self-denial.
UnconditionalSubscriber Access Only
A woman overcomes tragic loss by learning to love and forgive in unexpected ways.
End of WatchSubscriber Access Only
An entertaining addition to the buddy cop genre, highlighted by both humor and gravity.
Trouble with the CurveSubscriber Access Only
An estranged father and daughter try to reconnect while scouting a baseball player for the upcoming draft.
Adopting a Kid, Not a CauseSubscriber Access Only
What ever happened to adopting simply out of the desire to have children?
Song of the Secularist
Song of the SecularistSubscriber Access Only
Jacques Berlinerblau offers a soaring paean to freedom from religion, but the American people don't seem to be singing along.
What Christians Can Learn from the Chicago Teacher StrikesSubscriber Access Only
Lessons gleaned from the uproar now that Chicago students are back in class.
'Jesus Said to Them, "My Wife..."'
'Jesus Said to Them, "My Wife..."'Subscriber Access Only
Manuscript fragment apparently from the 300s suggests debate over whether Jesus was married.
Movie Purgatory
Movie PurgatorySubscriber Access Only
'Hellbound?,' seemingly bound to fail from the beginning, never takes a stand on the issue.
Primetime Pregnancy: Why We Need Birthing FilmsSubscriber Access Only
Most women go into birth not knowing what to expect. Why birthing videos can help.
Romney vs. Romney on the Safety Net
Romney vs. Romney on the Safety NetSubscriber Access Only
Romney's remarks at a fundraiser don't square with what he told faith leaders last week.
Make It RightSubscriber Access Only
PolarizedSubscriber Access Only
Heart of StoneSubscriber Access Only
True Love Obeys: Why We Abstain from Premarital SexSubscriber Access Only
Efforts like the True Love Waits campaign often hinge on promises that may never be fulfilled.
A Bridge Between North and South
A Bridge Between North and SouthSubscriber Access Only
Elijah Kim's survey of global Christianity envisions "renewalist" movements fostering a new era of evangelical unity.
ArbitrageSubscriber Access Only
Arbitrage engrosses its viewer while disappointing with occasional lack of substance.
Master, The
The MasterSubscriber Access Only
Scientology epic explores human nature and our attraction to self-help systems.
2016: Obama's America
2016: Obama's AmericaSubscriber Access Only
Breakout documentary explores the ideological heritage of Barack Obama.
Gaining the Whole World Wide Web without Losing Our SoulsSubscriber Access Only
Is it possible?
Give Church-State Peace a Chance
Give Church-State Peace a ChanceSubscriber Access Only
Michael Meyerson charts a historical path between the extremes of our church-state debates.
Audio Adrenaline to the MaxSubscriber Access Only
Er, actually, it's Kevin Max to a newly re-formed Audio A. Rock on.
Out with the Old (Testament)?
Out with the Old (Testament)?Subscriber Access Only
Paula Fredriksen ignores the early church's Israelite foundations, producing a selective (but lively) history of the idea of sin.
Keeping It Real: The Truth about AuthenticitySubscriber Access Only
Do we Christians even understand what the buzzword means?
Closer than Ever to the Breath of God
Closer than Ever to the Breath of GodSubscriber Access Only
Why Protestants are especially fascinated with the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Restless Heart
Restless HeartSubscriber Access Only
This St. Augustine biopic is memorable more for its subject's merit than its own.
No Exceptions: The Case for a Consistent Pro-Life EthicSubscriber Access Only
Is unborn life not worth protecting in cases of rape and incest?
When Planned Parenthood Attacks
When Planned Parenthood AttacksSubscriber Access Only
Karen Handel speaks about the intense fire she faced during the abortion provider's funding feud with the Susan G. Komen foundation.
The Dark Side of Dylan
The Dark Side of DylanSubscriber Access Only
Yes, his new album delves deeply into the shadows. But then, so does the gospel.
TempestSubscriber Access Only
The CarpenterSubscriber Access Only
Away from the WorldSubscriber Access Only
Remembering YouSubscriber Access Only
The Peace of Wild ThingsSubscriber Access Only
FearlessSubscriber Access Only
Pure and SimpleSubscriber Access Only
How Marriage Changed My View of MenSubscriber Access Only
When you live side by side a flesh-and-blood man, stereotypes fall short.
'God' on the Campaign Trail
'God' on the Campaign TrailSubscriber Access Only
Romney campaigns on keeping 'God' on our coins (and in his heart) after Democratic Party debate.
Want to Love Your Kids? Stop Overparenting ThemSubscriber Access Only
My parents modeled what it looked like to serve God with their gifts while letting us kids explore our own.
Are Pregnant Women Who Have Birth Plans 'Selfish?'Subscriber Access Only
Debunking the belief that pregnant women should sit back and be grateful for whatever happens on the big day.
My Perfect Husband, and the Death Trap of Comparing Marriages
My Perfect Husband, and the Death Trap of Comparing MarriagesSubscriber Access Only
The danger of making your own marriage the gold standard for all others.
All Things PossibleSubscriber Access Only
Cracked Rear View
Cracked Rear ViewSubscriber Access Only
Jim Sonefeld's past is marred by alcoholism, but the former Hootie drummer is on the straight and narrow now.
GravitySubscriber Access Only
FableSubscriber Access Only
Canton JunctionSubscriber Access Only
Steve Jobs, Back to School, and Why Doubt Belongs in Your Youth Group CurriculumSubscriber Access Only
Our research at the Fuller Youth Institute suggests unexpressed doubt leads young people to leave the faith.

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