We know you've already read more end-of-the-year lists than you'd care to. They're everywhere.

And yet, we couldn't resist. This was, by far, Her.meneutics' best year ever, so we're ending 2013 with a lot to celebrate. These popular posts span the Her.meneutics canon, focusing on pop culture, the life of the church, gender, and technology.

Our readers' favorites: The most-read Her.meneutics posts of 2013

1. The Problem with Christians Doing the Harlem Shake
Some advice for the church: Think before you click.
Kate Shellnutt

2. I'm Sick of Hearing About Your Smoking Hot Wife
Sex in marriage beyond sayings, stereotypes, and Song of Solomon
Mary DeMuth, guest writer

3. The Secret Women's Porn Problem
We may not talk much about women's addiction to erotica, but it's happening.
Trillia Newbell, guest writer

4. Hey John Piper, Is My Femininity Showing?
The implications of allowing women to teach "indirectly."
Rachel Pietka, guest writer

5. Jesus Loves Miley Cyrus
Everyone's shocked and offended over her VMA performance. As Christians, we can offer another response.
Laura Leonard

6. Things Broke People Do
We're not the only ones responsible for our financial state.
Caryn Rivadeneira, Rachel Marie Stone, Marlena Graves

7. The Real Housewives of Duck Dynasty
Behind every strong redneck duck-hunter is a strong Christian woman.
Sharon Hodde Miller

8. The Very Worst Trend Ever
How our love of brokenness actually fails us.
Megan Hill

9. Don't Blame the Bikini, Blame the Bikini Culture
Talking modesty beyond two-piece v. one-piece.
Sharon Hodde Miller with Caryn Rivadeneira and Rachel Marie Stone

10. Boobs on the Boob Tube
Television done right can promote a fuller view of our bodies.
Caryn Rivadeneira

Our writers' favorites: The posts that meant the most to us in 2013

Called to Love the Whore
The church needs grace, too.
Karen Swallow Prior

"This post was simple and short, but it managed to turn the entire discussion of Millennials and the church on its head. It also conveyed a message that we all need to hear, Millennials and non-Millennials alike." – Sharon Hodde Miller

The Very Worst Trend Ever
How our love of brokenness actually fails us.
Megan Hill

"'Grace covers. And it covers again and again. Thanks be to God. But if we stop there, as so many writers do, we are only telling half of the story.' Such wonderful insight." – Jen Pollock Michel

The Invisible Generation
Youth-focused Christianity may be sidelining the gifts of older women.
Sarah Bessey, guest writer

"Sarah Bessey affirms what those of us at midlife and beyond have experienced in both culture and in the church - older women are often viewed as irrelevant and expendable." - Michelle Van Loon

The Joy of Instagram
Pausing our Internet cynicism to celebrate the little moments.
Sharon Hodde Miller

"I believe that Instagram is doing the holy work of cultivating greater appreciation of beauty and greater ability to see the beauty around us, and this post explains how." – Karen Swallow Prior

I'm Childless, Not Child-Incompetent
Healing the rift between parents and non-parents.
Gina Dalfonzo
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"In an era when parents can focus exclusively on the minutiae of care, feeding, and discipline of children, and when the child-free often take a defensive attitude in their decision to keep the house diaper-free, and when those who desire children but do not have them are sometimes diminished by their envy, it was refreshing to read Gina's affirmation of the goodness of children and the joy of participating in their lives as a non-parent. If anything can bridge the gap in the Christian community between the haves and have-nots, it is this essay." - Megan Hill
Confessions of That Mom, the One on Her Phone
A work-from-home parent during summer vacation.
Caryn Rivadeneira
"It's so easy to tsk tsk at other moms (judge) but Caryn unpacks why that mom is on her phone. Love people who spread peace - not panic." - Jen Grant

Snap Judgments: Our Societal Obsession With Taking Pictures
Honoring God in over-captured, over-shared, picture-perfect lives
Lyndsey Gvora, guest blogger

"We lose much when we think of every occasion as a photo shoot. We often fail to be fully present in the moment and to others. Instead we become obsessed with image--with how we look and with posting on social media… This is such an insightful and well-written post." – Marlena Graves

Everything I Know About Being a Single Woman I Owe to Liz Lemon
Well, not really.
Alicia Cohn

"Tons of great posts this year. One of my definite favorites was by Alicia Cohn: Everything I Know About Being a Single Woman I Owe to Liz Lemon." – Ruth Moon

Lamenting My Prejudice Against Beautiful Women
When did I absorb the belief that being feminine means being shallow?
Katelyn Beaty

"I appreciate how honest Katelyn is in this article about her gut reactions towards what is "feminine." Her willingness to question these reactions sheds light on unhelpful associations between femininity and shallowness and point the way toward a fuller understanding of female beauty." - Liuan Huska

Beware of Baby Envy
Since biblical times, women have struggled to rejoice at another's pregnancy.
Megan Hill
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"So powerful and true and healing, and something that really needed to be said." - Gina Dalfonzo
My Calling as a Female Breadwinner
Sometimes Christian women can't help breaking traditional gender roles.
Katelyn Beaty
"Katelyn Beaty wrote a wonderful post that didn't just defend her role in the workplace, it offered a fact-based reproof (somehow gentle but firm) of those who heap judgement on working women in general." - Alicia Cohn

We are grateful to our readers and writers for every post-gone-viral, every response and retweet, and every modest-but-thoughtful analysis. We can't wait for what's to come in 2014.