Long before the events of December 14, 2012 shattered our hearts and launched our country into a time of mourning, gun control was a heated subject. In the aftermath of the Newtown shootings, that heat has escalated to a boiling point. Americans are feverishly reevaluating the terms of gun control in our country, and surveys show an almost immediate shift in favor of increased regulation.

Given the emotions surrounding this debate, I enter the fray with two disclaimers. First, I support the Second Amendment. I do not believe that Americans should have their Constitutional rights stripped or their guns taken away. I am not suggesting the government confiscate all guns in order to end gun violence, anymore than I would suggest the government confiscate all cars in order to end vehicular deaths.

But in the same way that we have regulations to minimize auto-related fatalities, we should regulate gun use as well. To me and many other supporters of gun control, this means that gun rights and gun control are not mutually exclusive ends. We can have both.

A second disclaimer: While the gun control debate is integrally linked with the U.S. Constitution, I am writing as a Christian first and an American second. As a citizen of this country, the Constitution is indeed an authoritative document in my life, but its authority is not ultimate. I am first beholden to God. So when the laws of the land are perpetuating violence and destruction, as I believe they are in this case, the Christian's position cannot be neutral. We are called to object, to resist, and to protect "the least of these."

Which leads to the reason I support gun control. In our nation, the individuals most affected by gun violence are those that ...

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