Great Gatsby darling Carey Mulligan is the first choice for the role of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the biographical indie drama Rodham. Directed by James Ponsoldt, the film follows young Hillary's early career, and the role is supposedly one of the most coveted among Hollywood actresses in recent years. Mulligan and Ponsoldt are said to be sitting down soon to talk about the project. Read more here.

Jennifer Lawrence will be taking on her first film as producer with Rules of Inheritance. Between Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence is fast becoming one of Hollywood's hottest stars. Based on a coming-of-age memoir by Claire Bidwell Smith, Rules follows an only child who loses both parents to cancer by the time she's twenty-five, and the journeys and life experiences that help her heal. Lawrence will also be starring in the film. Read more here.

Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown is talking about taking his most recent novel to the screen, and he has set his sights on Robert Benigni to star. Inferno, set in Florence, plays off of the first book of Dante's Divine Comedy. Brown says it would be an "honor" to cast the Life is Beautiful Oscar-winning actor. Benigni is well known in Italy for his performance of a one-man-show he calls Tutto Dante (All Dante). Sony is said to be producing the film. For more on Inferno and Benigni, read here.

Google says they can help studios predict box office numbers. The search engine just released a whitepaper explaining to studios why they would do well to buy ads on Google. According to Google, "48% of moviegoers decide what film to watch the day they purchase their ticket." A majority of movie-goers also look up films online before viewing them. Therefore, "it's important to have a continued search presence through opening weekend and beyond." Read more about how search engine ads can help predict box office numbers here.