Universal Pictures announced yesterday that a remake of the 1994 action movie Timecop is coming. Originally based off of a Dark Horse Comic by Mark Verheiden, the movie is set in a world in which time travel is possible and must be regulated by cops. The original film starred Jean-Claude Van Damme and was a hit when it came out in 1994. There is no writer or director attached to Universal's remake right now. Read more here.

Enjoy the little yellow minions from Despicable Me? Get ready to see them everywhere. Not only is Despicable Me 2 coming out this summer, but these characters have become so iconic for Universal Pictures that you can expect to see them in theme park rides, a series of film shorts, insurance television ads, and on your cereal boxes. This will be the studio's largest worldwide film campaign with promotional partners to date. Be on the lookout for a feature-length minion movie spin-off in 2014. For more, read here.

UDI, a French Latin-American production-sales house, has acquired international sales rights for producer Forastero's Dowsing, directed by Jairo Boisier. The movie tells the story of a town in northern Chile wracked by drought, and a man who finds water underground with a divining rod. "Dowsing," says Gonzalez, "is a highly visual family film about the need for social status, esteem, and its loss." Read the full story here.

Zac Efron has been cast in Narc, which tells the story of a college frat boy (played by Efron) who finds himself in trouble with the cops for drugs. The plot takes a twist when he goes narc and secretly helps the cops while keeping up his college party lifestyle on the surface. The film is reportedly based on a true story. Read more ...

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