While we were checking our most-read articles from 2014, we noticed a lot of titles with question marks in them. So we thought we’d run a query on what question-titled articles—both new and old—attracted the most inquirers:

1) Do Pets Go to Heaven? (From 4/12/2012)
An author, a professor, and an animal advocate weigh in.

2) Did Jesus Really Descend to Hell? (From 2/7/2000)
In the Apostles' Creed, there is a statement about Jesus descending into hell. Did he literally go there?

3) Is Suicide Unforgivable? (From 7/10/2000)
What is the biblical hope and comfort we can offer a suicide victim's family and friends?

4) Why Can't Men Be Friends? (From 9/16/2014)
Men and women alike increasingly say they are lonely. It doesn't have to be this way.

5) Do All Children Go to Heaven? (From 5/22/2013)
Reconciling original sin and death of the innocent.

6) You're Divorced—Can You Remarry? (From 10/4/1999)
Three New Testament passages are both more demanding and less restrictive than evangelicals have often acknowledged.

7) Why Am I Not Poor? (From 1/16/2014)
The answer suggests some ways we might combat poverty.

8) Did Jesus Make Mistakes? (From 6/3/2014)
Mark Driscoll says yes, though Jesus never sinned. Experts weigh in.

9) Was Driscoll's Board a Problem? (From 10/17/2014)
Outside Insight: Some say it’s the new norm. Others don’t consider it biblical.

10) Who Owns the Pastor's Sermon? (From 1/8/2014)
Church or pastor? When sermons become books that make millions in royalties, the answer is important.

11) What Will Heaven Be Like? (From 6/1/2003)
Thirty-five frequently asked questions about eternity.

12) What Sermon Illustrations ...

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