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Silent No More

Reading CT’s October cover story was like reading about my family. How could that be true for a Latina like myself? Asian American Christians have distinct gifts to offer the church, given their bicultural journeys and life experiences, and that resonates with my own story.

As a young Latina minister, I too was navigating similar dynamics, and found friends, mentors, and familia with Asian American Christians. They have been supervisors, mentors, students, peers, and friends. Many of the people referenced in this article were a part of my spiritual journey and significantly shaped who I am as a follower of Christ and a pastor. I learned how to disciple Asian American young adults from Kathy Khang. I learned about finding my voice from Peter Cha in seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Soong-Chan Rah has been a model of lament and hope. Jeanette Yep was involved in my spiritual formation. As I read their comments and many others in Helen Lee’s article, I found myself nodding and “amen”-ing. I am fundamentally a different person because of the Asian American community with which I have had the privilege to live out my faith.

Thank you for using this issue of Christianity Today to explore how the church will embrace the voice and gifts of my friends. My prayer for readers is that they will become curious about what they are missing in their own faith journey if they have not yet encountered the depth, passion, and leadership of Asian American Christians.

Sandra Van Opstal
Associate Pastor, Grace and Peace Community

Problem w/ this month’s @CTmagazine cover: By not showing one whole face it depersonalizes the Asian American. They should’ve ...

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