Streaming Picks

Sherlock fans: the wait is over! Netflix began streaming season 3 of the BBC show on Monday. Bonus: they've included three additional "Sherlock Uncovered" episodes, in which you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show.

Want to share a piece of your childhood with your kids for this week's movie night? Amazon Prime is also now streaming Felix the Cat: The Platinum Collection.

For a throwback to the romantic antics of Humphrey Bogart and the magnificent Audrey Hepburn, watch Sabrina, also on Amazon Prime.

And if history and subtitles are more your thing, check out Soong Sisters—free for Amazon Prime Users—which follows three women who married three of the most influential Chinese leaders of all time.

Critics Roundup

PluggedIn's Adam R. Holz says that although Chef begins with a narcissistic, food-obsessed man, it ends with a beautiful portrait of what a father-son relationship should look like: "By journey's end, Carl has become a more engaged and emotionally healthy dad who's learned to love and work with his young son." Despite the heart-warming conclusion, Holz believes the language and comedy style of the film is far too filthy for a family-oriented film. Holz is not lost on the irony that, "Carl rebukes Percy for using bad language but of course uses it himself in front of his son." Although Holz could not see past the vulgarity of Chef,The New York Times' Stephen Holden seems to have seen a completely different movie. Holden praises Chef for its accurate depiction of the world today, saying "Food trucks, Twitter wars and salsa music: Chef has its pinkie on the pulse of the moment." The only negative ...

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