Surprised By Wright

Thank you for the article on the tremendous achievement of Bishop Wright. My praise for this amazing scholar and fervent Christian (and having in mind E. L. Mascall's doggerel, "Hark! The herald angels sing, Bultmann is the latest thing, or they would if he had not demythologized the lot!"):

God's Word lay hid in Bultmannian night, God said: Let Tom Wright be! And there was light! (with apologies to Alexander Pope).

This Sunday, I shall teach on "The achievement of Bishop Tom Wright: Why Borg will not assimilate us."

Dale Coleman
St. George's Episcopal Church
Belleville, Illinois

Thank you for your incisive portrait of N. T. Wright's challenge for the church to return to a gospel of the kingdom of God.

In response to "Did the Holy Spirit really let the Western church run entirely amok from the day Paul died until the day Wright picked up his pen?" a careful reading of church history would reveal that running "amok" is a relatively recent phenomenon. The pessimistic form of premillennialism advanced by C. I. Scofield, D. L. Moody, and others reset the church's focus of caring for souls to a limited preoccupation with saving souls. The "clever British sense" of Wright is surely a corrective to the likes of J. N. Darby, who brought his new perspective on the gospel to America following the Civil War.

Lowell W. Hoffman
Allentown, Pennsylvania

I am grateful for the generous and flattering account of my work (particularly Paul and the Faithfulness of God). It may seem ungracious to question one detail, but since it regularly causes controversy, it may be important to do so.

Jason Byassee rightly stresses that I highlight ...

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